Every Fierce Congregation Needs Rules (or at least a little firm discipline)!

The Divine Order of Saint Harvey of San Francisco (OSHSF)

Rule of St. Harvey, of the Well-Disciplined Observance


The Order of Saint Harvey Milk of San Francisco, martyr and defender of the oppressed is a congregation of solemnly professed members, vowed brothers and sisters (or any preferred sibling identifier, as we are all equal members in this Human family), aspirants, friends, and those who just love being around us.  Eclectic and open community, but might open to discernment of petitioning for solemn dispensation and sanction in future.


"Hope will never be silent!"  Accepting what is unacceptable is sin.

Holy orders with solemnly professed vows to live actively and visibly for social justice; fight for equality by identifying and resisting all forms of oppression, systemic and institutional; strive to live in, and foster pride in the rejected and humiliated; give voice to the voiceless; challenge tyranny through civil disobedience; and to propagate a Gospel of Human Dignity through fierce and random acts of kindness.


As diverse and unique as its members, the community is open to members from hermits, mendicants, and loners, to cloisters and monastic to any and all secular vocations.  We are a radically inclusive community.


Daily we offer a sacrifice of Love in the time we dedicate to the conscious act of awareness (prayer/mediation/reflection) of one's own preference; and strive to bring attention to the fabulousness of others.

Through the Light Within All, we dance and acknowledge the faces of Sister Diversity and Brother Dignity as Divine in the World.

As we seek to continue the life exemplified in our patron, St. Harvey Milk of San Francisco, martyr and defender of the oppressed, to identify the Divine Community shall possess two glorious habits (a.k.a., "Drag"): a comfortable working habit of one's own design and expression, presentable and acceptable for individual vocations and charism, but should always include a visible rainbow article (jewelry, accessory, etc.); and a Solemn Habit of Celebration ("Glorious Drag"), also of one's own design and preference, with thoughtful and artistic display of intentional rainbow colors/patterns.


The order recognizes November 27 as the Feast of St. Harvey Milk of San Francisco, martyr and defender of the oppressed.

St. Harvey's premature transitus was violently by the hands of an homophobic bigot.  On November 27, 1978 both St. Harvey and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by gun shot in the San Francisco City Offices by their fellow failed and disgruntled city councilperson, Dan White.  Therefore, on annual anniversaries of the Divine Community, the Transitus of St. Harvey individually and/or collectively coordinated festivities and public activities are to be observed in our respective communities to commemorate the hate crimes perpetrated on LGBTQ people and communities.

These rules will never to be policed or enforced, merely accepted willfully of our own volition, and shall always remain open for development and modification by the vowed members of the congregation.  From time to time, a member might remind another member of their vows, or suggest brightening up their drag with a little rainbow color.  This is never in an oppressive Spirit of Criticism, merely in the love we have for our calling to valid life through a Spirit of Joy and Spirit of Pride.