Religion Can Make Gay Youth Likely to Commit Suicide ... No shit, Sherlock!

I was pondering an article in my daily feeds, when I became enraged at the thought that some in the professional communities suddenly are willing to admit the horrors and abuse the noxious and dangerous environments of religion often produce for our LGBTQ+ children.

Bill Nobles & Jamie Coop, 1981, just before I went into the Navy.

Just from my own survival story, I know I am the exception and not the rule.  I actually survived my suicide attempt after being abandoned and rejected by my Independent Fundamental Baptist minister father, the hyper-religiosity in our home, and shunned by the only community I ever knew - my faith community.  Not only did my first love commit suicide from the hate-filled, abhorrent environment of hyper-religiosity, but the epitome of pathological behavior was when his family turned the tragic end of such a beautiful life into a "Jesus™" tract to serve their own selfish desires and somehow ease their own guilt.

Bill Nobles, 1981

Bill Nobles was tormented and killed by his family, yet we were considered the "to-evat" ("abominations").

Today, I will honor Bill Nobles by speaking out against religious abuse, in his name.

(If you are interested in reading the blasphemous tract, filled with fear and lies the family produced, email the webmaster and I will make sure you receive a copy.)