‘Criticism’ is NOT ‘Persecution’!

A gay coffee shop owner kicked out religious mouth-breathers & conservatives are outraged

Warning: Graphic images may be very disturbing!

Where do the "Fundies™" with dysinformed propaganda pamphlets like to be seen hanging out?  (1) Women's Health Clinics; (2) PRIDE Parades and LGBTQI events; (3) lurking around the grounds of the White House with members of the current administration; and now, (4) LGBTQI friendly businesses, including the most fashionable coffee houses!

From one perspective, Fundamentalism is a choice, and it's time for some to learn Religious Liberties are a two-way street - not just a free-pass for a radicalized Fundamentalist "Christian™" minority to spread their toxic and oppressive doctrines of hate without criticism.

The coffee shop owner is merely exercising HIS Religious Liberties, and perhaps the higher ethical stance ('ethics' are based on reason, which trump fear-based morals from 'firmly held religious beliefs'). His brave and honorable actions are directly aligned with his higher personal convictions of refusing to tolerate the noxious, hateful actions of those who propagate dysinformation, and the tyranny of oppression their 'beliefs' foster, based on their chosen, cherry-picked ancient myths and superstitions.

I read the other version of this story on an uber-Right site last week, where the self-righteous "peaceful Christians™", accentuating the colorful vernacular and emphasis on expletives they endured, concluded their account of the public 'persecution' event with self-righteous payers for the "salvation"/conversion of the proprietor, and whining about how Christian businesses are being treated so unfairly. Yet, they fail to recognize the hateful and bigoted discriminatory actions/practices.

The indoctrinated have difficulty with reality, and they don't understand it's not their 'beliefs', but their 'actions' which always lead to this type of public criticism. They're deluded and they conveniently confuse 'criticism' with 'persecution', projecting all of their culpability/guilt to others. Also, when will they understand, nobody wants whatever it is they 'believe' ('imagine') or claim to possess?